REVIEW: Wisport Raccoon 45L Rucksack

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raccoon 45L review

The subject of rucksacks is a bit… subjective. Everyone has their personal tastes and reasons for choosing one bag over another (or don’t care and just use whatever bag they already own/can lay their hands on). The Wisport Raccoon 45L rucksack is never going to win any prizes for weight-saving, but if you want a MOLLE-compatible rucksack of this style … Read More

REVIEW: Olight I1R EOS Torch

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led torch review

REVIEW: Olight I1R EOS LED Keyring Torch Over on the Original Outdoors site I have been taking a look at a tiny – and cheap – rechargeable LED keyring torch from Olight. Cheap, stupidly-bright Chinese LED torches have been around for several years now and there are many to choose from. I’ve used several over the years with varying degrees … Read More

REVIEW: Helikon Tex Classic Army Fleece

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helikon tex fleece review

REVIEW: Helikon Tex Classic Army Fleece Over on the Original Outdoors site I have been reviewing the membrane version of the Classic Army Fleece from Helikon Tex. I have been using this jacket all winter in the mountains and forests – and it pretty much does what you expect. It’s rugged – the panels on the elbows and shoulders do … Read More

Bow Drill firelighting – is it worth it?

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bow drill technique

Bow Drill – is it worth learning? It’s a staple of any survival or bushcraft training program – but is it worth the attention it is given? We teach this method on our bushcraft courses, and it is often something that clients look forward to and specifically request when we have a free moment in the itinerary and ask them … Read More