Bow Drill firelighting – is it worth it?

RIchard PrideauxCampcraft, Survival

bow drill technique

Bow Drill – is it worth learning?

It’s a staple of any survival or bushcraft training program – but is it worth the attention it is given?

We teach this method on our bushcraft courses, and it is often something that clients look forward to and specifically request when we have a free moment in the itinerary and ask them “what next?”.

So we break out some pre-prepared bow drill sets and get down to making some embers…

I’ve found over the years that the course participants normally pick up three very important things from seeing the demonstrations then having a go for themselves:
– It’s a lot harder than it looks to get a consistent rotation of the drill without something going awry
– It’s physically demanding and needs patience
– Success is not guaranteed


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