Remote Area Training with the John Muir Trust

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Back in October 2018 we headed north to Pitlochry to deliver a L1 Remote Area and Lone Working course for the John Muir Trust, an organisation and charity that works to protect and enhance the wild places of the U.K. The delegates on this course were three rangers, each working in a remote and mountainous environment in either Scotland or the … Read More

Passing a message in an emergency – METHANE and SAD CHALETS

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chalet methane

There are established protocols for any incoming emergency call to any of the services, both statutory and voluntary. They of course vary between those services, but there is some commonality of function between them. The reasoning behind them might not be clear to the first-time caller, but once explained it does make sense.

Any information sharing between emergency services, the public and other interested parties needs to be done in the right way, at the right time and to the right people.

This article is not necessarily about dialling 999/112/911, but about how you prioritise the information you are passing along when you do need to call for help.

REVIEW: Wisport Raccoon 45L Rucksack

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raccoon 45L review

The subject of rucksacks is a bit… subjective. Everyone has their personal tastes and reasons for choosing one bag over another (or don’t care and just use whatever bag they already own/can lay their hands on). The Wisport Raccoon 45L rucksack is never going to win any prizes for weight-saving, but if you want a MOLLE-compatible rucksack of this style … Read More

COURSE REPORT: Woodcrafter (L1 Campcraft) July 2018

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bushcraft training uk

The Woodcrafter course has been one of our most popular public courses over the years. It’s probably the combination of real-world training with getting to experience something in the UK that you normally only get from an expedition overseas. The July 2018 course begins on a Saturday morning at the edge of a forest in North Wales, with course participants … Read More

REVIEW: Olight I1R EOS Torch

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led torch review

REVIEW: Olight I1R EOS LED Keyring Torch Over on the Original Outdoors site I have been taking a look at a tiny – and cheap – rechargeable LED keyring torch from Olight. Cheap, stupidly-bright Chinese LED torches have been around for several years now and there are many to choose from. I’ve used several over the years with varying degrees … Read More