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We started Original Outdoors so that we could provide quality training courses to the outdoor leisure sector. Over the past decade and more we adapted those courses and training programmes to meet the requests of our clients in industry, media, the emergency services and the armed forces.

In 2017 we developed the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework to create a structured training progression for all of our clients.

We continue to work with outdoor professionals who travel into potentially hazardous outdoor environments and develop training solutions and safety plans that allow them to do their job as safely and effectively as possible.

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Realistic and relevant
outdoor skills training

Our courses are based on the experience of our instructors and the needs of our diverse range of clients - not Hollywood myth or the latest outdoor fashion trends.

We work with outdoor professionals who need to stay safe, keep others safe and perform tasks in the outdoor environment. We teach by working alongside those clients, sharing our experience and learning from them in return.

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The training courses we offer under the Environmental Survival Training (EST) Framework are divided into separate training streams.

Each training stream contains a training pathway from entry-level courses, where no prior experience is required, to advanced instructor training.

We offer these courses to the general public and as private training for delivery direct to the client - either on-site with them or with us in North Wales or Scotland.

Each course can be delivered as a standalone session or combined with other courses for a bespoke training solution.

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The EST Framework

We created the Environmental Survival Training Framework in collaboration with experienced outdoor skills practitioners, education professionals and established clients and training partners. We offer several outdoor skills and safety training courses within a clear structure and training progression from entry-level through to senior instructor.

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Environmental Survival Training Framework